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Jackie the Golden Retriever Jackie
Golden Retriever
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
December 01, 1998

Butch the Bullmastiff Butch
Boynton Beach, Florida, USA
December 02, 1998

Allee the Shih Tzu Allee
Shih Tzu
Lexington, Kentucky, USA
December 03, 1998

Bonnie the Border Collie Bonnie
Border Collie
Ukiah, California, USA
December 04, 1998

Grimm the Boxer Grimm
Cedar City, Utah, USA
December 05, 1998

Bear the Lab, Chow Mix Bear
Lab, Chow Mix
Syracuse, New York, USA
December 06, 1998

Daisy the Basset Hound Daisy
Basset Hound
Westminster, Massachusetts, USA
December 07, 1998

Mini the Pekinese Mini
Hong Kong
December 08, 1998

Dakota the Yellow Labrador Dakota
Yellow Labrador
Santa Barbara, California, USA
December 09, 1998

Maxie the Dalmatian Maxie
Akron, Ohio, USA
December 10, 1998

Calvin the German Shepherd Calvin
German Shepherd
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 11, 1998

Lili the Dog Lili
December 12, 1998

Lucky the Border Collie Lucky
Border Collie
Chicago, Illinois, USA
December 13, 1998

Lady the Chihuahua Lady
Manhattan, New York, USA
December 14, 1998

Echo the Rottweiler Echo
West Central, Florida, USA
December 15, 1998

Samantha the Lhasa Apso Samantha
Lhasa Apso
Tracy, California, USA
December 16, 1998

Jessie the Weimaraner Jessie
Plano, Texas, USA
December 17, 1998

Ricky the Collie Ricky
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
December 18, 1998

Kramer the Chocolate Lab Kramer
Chocolate Lab
Sonoma, California, USA
December 19, 1998

Ricky the Shih Tzu Ricky
Shih Tzu
Lake Mathews, California, USA
December 20, 1998

Kona the Purebred Rottweiler Kona
Purebred Rottweiler
Castaic, California, USA
December 21, 1998

Blitzen the Shepherd, Wolf Mix Blitzen
Shepherd, Wolf Mix
Florida, USA
December 22, 1998

Chewi the Pekinese Chewi
Altus, Oklahoma, USA
December 23, 1998

Sports, Sheena the Miniature Schnauzer, Greyhound Sports, Sheena
Miniature Schnauzer, Greyhound
Alexandria, Virginia, USA
December 24, 1998

Sunny the Golden Retriever Sunny
Golden Retriever
Monterey, California, USA
December 25, 1998

Pumpkin the Dog Pumpkin
Mililani, Oahu, Hawaii, USA
December 26, 1998

Radar the Schnauzer Radar
Illinois, USA
December 27, 1998

Beau, Bailey, Molly, Oliver the West Highland White Terriers Beau, Bailey, Molly, Oliver
West Highland White Terriers
Oklahoma, USA
December 28, 1998

Petu the Bichon Frise Petu
Bichon Frise
Scotia, New York, USA
December 29, 1998

Dozer the English Bulldog Dozer
English Bulldog
Arizona, USA
December 30, 1998

Sweetie, Brindle the Dogs Sweetie, Brindle
Illinois, USA
December 31, 1998

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