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April 14, 1999

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Lily, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lily
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer, Vizsla Mix
Home: Burbank, California, USA
   This is Lily. Also known as Lily belle, or Lily Billy. We weren't looking for a third dog. We had just lost a 16-year-old Basset and were thinking that two dogs would be a good thing. We were in a pet store when I overheard a couple talking about having German Shorthaired Pointer puppies. My husband and I were crazy about a GSP at my agility class so I went and told him about the puppies. He went up and started talking to the people, and they were really nice. In the course of conversation, we mentioned that we had a Vizsla. They then told us that they were expecting puppies in a couple of weeks that were an accidental litter of Vizslas and GSPs. We went to their house that afternoon, and liked the GSP puppies, but decided to wait for the others.

    We saw the litter when they were first born, and there was one that "if we were to take one" we liked. I kept trying to find one of my friends to get one of these puppies that I knew would be such cool dogs... no takers. Well, when she got a little bigger and we went to visit, she had our number and came up to us and said, "I want to go live with you!" So, she did. We are very glad we decided to get that third dog!! Everyone thinks she is a Dobie. I think that is a great compliment, but I do correct them, because she is definitely not a Dobie! As time goes on, she gets more and more of that cuddly Vizsla personality, and we have started her in puppy agility.

    She is now just under a year (4/28 is her birthday.) Last Saturday she placed first in her obedience class, and won a trophy. She loves frisbee and is a great catcher, and is very good in her agility class as well, called a natural by an Aussie owner which is high praise. She does point occasionally and our pointer has been teaching her the fine "points" of birdie watching, while our Vizsla is teaching her cuddling. When she has a toy, she makes an adorable growling sound when she comes toward you, which is belied by the fact that she is almost bent in half from how hard her little tail is wagging. She also makes that growly sound with a little bark when we come home and don't pay attention to her. At night, she gets a late meal about 8:30 or so, and every night she suddenly becomes my best friend about that time, kissing me and running over to where we keep the food. She is a little barky with strangers in the home, but has gotten to where she warms up pretty quickly, and brings them any toy she can find. She is about 38 pounds, and is smaller than I thought she would be. She sleeps under the covers with the other dogs (we need a bigger bed!) and when she exits, she goes the quickest way possible - out the bottom. When she comes back, she always has to go between my husband and me to go down to the bottom where she will usually lick our toes! She kisses the most of the three, and as you can tell, we really love her lots!! (She is about three months in that picture.)

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