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February 8, 1999

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Noah Weis, the Dog of the Day
Name: Noah Weis
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male
Breed: Cocker Spaniel
Home: Indian Mills, New Jersey, USA
   This is, Noah, age seven.
He lives with his mom and dad
in Indian Mills, New Jersey.

    Noah is our special dog.
He is good and loyal and kind.
Anyone would be proud to say,
He is a friend of mine.

    Noah loves to sniff while he walks
And track squirrels and rabbits.
When you tell him to get a certain toy,
He will be sure to grab it.

    Noah eats some "people food"
like fruit, veggies and rice cakes.
And when he sees a slice of bread,
A howl he will surely make.

    Our special dog will be eight years old
On February 8.
We are grateful to our God,
For Noah he did create.


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