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March 20, 1999

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Bill, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bill
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male Breed: English Springer Spaniel
Home: Whitefield, Maine, USA
   This is Bill our English Springer he is five years old and the best darn dog in the world!

    Bill is the best dog because:
  • He loves everyone!
  • He won't cross the road until invited!
  • Given the choice to hang out with adults or children , he always chooses to be with kids.
  • You could leave a turkey on the floor and he wouldn't touch it until invited.
  • He will let the cats eat out of his dish before he eats.
  • When riding, he will rest with his head in your lap.
  • He is famous in that his picture has been our small gardening catalog for four or five years.
  • He rides in the bucket of my tractor four or five feet above the ground.
  • He once followed me to the top of our two story roof while I cleaned the chimney (the snow had drifted to the greenhouse roof so he could walk on it). He walked across the ridge about 26 feet above the ground.
  • He has swam for 1/4 mile behind our boat while we rowed.
  • People have asked if they could take him home.


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