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March 19, 2000

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Paddy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Paddy
Age: Deceased, Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Irish Wolfhound
Home: Stirlingshire, Scotland
   Paddy was born in Kelty Fife, Scotland. He lived with his dad Murphy, mum, Megan and sister Rosie, the Bribiba Wolfhounds. He was special because he was the first wolfie I had bred. His nature was fab and I couldn't find a better friend. He was 39 inches at the shoulder and one of the biggest in Britain.

    Irish wolfhounds are gentle giants and although they are big they do not need a lot of exercise. They make excellent pets but people must be firm with them as youngsters or they will take over, as with all dogs training classes are a great way of socializing , as wolfhounds can be shy and nervous, I take mine into crowded areas as youngsters and this helps them to calm down and relax. They also like their comfort and my dogs have a double bed to sleep on and an old couch to lounge on. Wolfhounds like to lie around all day watching people. Although they are not guard dogs the sheer size of them puts anyone off tackling them. They make great family pets and will look after children, a friend of mine bought a puppy from me, Paddy's brother Jake, and when her son was four he decided to visit his grandmother who lived several busy streets away. Jake was seen shepherding the little boy away from traffic and the two arrived safely.

    Paddy did a lot of charity work along with his family. Every saturday I would take the dogs to our local town (Kirkcaldy) and we would collect for children with cancer. The dogs were a great attraction and we easily took in a hundred pounds in half an hour. Babies prams were pushed close so that the little ones could put money in the dogs tins, which they wore around their necks. Sometimes we would visit hospitals and the dogs were ever so gentle, everyone loved them but Paddy was always the favorite as he was so big. The photograph is of myself and Paddy, I am 5 foot eight. Paddy stood about seven feet on his back legs. He would jump up and place his big paws on my shoulder and give me a bear hug.

    He was a Crufts winner and won a lot of prizes in the show ring. He adored me as much as I adored him and we were never apart, from the day he was born until he took cancer and had to have his back leg removed. He was in hospital for two weeks and we were both miserable until he came home. He coped very well and we had lots of fun and nice outings until he grew to ill to go out. He looked at me one day to tired to move and we both knew his time was up. I lost him last year to cancer. I still cry to this day at the loss of such a wonderful friend. He was truly magnificent, kind, and gentle. When he died I received cards from all over the world. I still have his daughter Francesca who is following in Paddy's footsteps and she does well in the show ring, I hope soon to hear the patter of tiny paws, I will never replace my lovely boy, but who knows? Maybe Francesca will give me a new boy like her dad.

    I wrote this poem for my Paddy:

Our local vet is in the house but you don't wag your tail
Your breathing's very shallow and you look so frail
There's nothing I can do for you, except to help you go
This is the final kindness I can do for you, I know

You were always by my side, you made me feel so proud
You were so majestic you stood out in a crowd
But now your eyesights failing, your days of fun are gone
When I take you out the house you lay down on the lawn

As I look into your eyes I see the pain within
I lean to you and kiss your nose you lick me on the chin
You know how much I love you, I whisper in your ears
My heart feels like it's breaking I cannot hide my tears

If you could only understand the things I want to say
But now it's time to say goodbye we'll meet again someday
I know this is the last time we'll ever have to part
My lovely Irish Wolfhound, your pawprint's in my heart

    Paddy 5.8.92 To 3.12.98


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