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October 21, 2000

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Koli, the Dog of the Day
Name: Koli
Age: Nine year old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: Michigan, USA
   This is our nine year old rescue dog Koli. We 'adopted' him in Texas seven years ago and he has been so thankful to us and rewarded us with being a first class watchdog. He was tied up and not allowed to have any time off the chain because his elderly owners said he'd dig holes. He hasn't been on a chain in the seven years we've owned him. Of course we had to have him checked out healthwise once we took over being his 'parents.' He had heartworm and survived the arsenic treatment only to find out shortly thereafter that he had Rocky Mt. spotted fever! He's been a rugged individual though, and flourished once we got him through the treatments! He has loved living in Michigan (we moved back to my husband's childhood home in 1995) and still plays a lot with his sidekick Holly, our two and a half year old Golden Retriever. He's considered a senior dog now but you'd never know it when he sees a squirrel! We're thankful we found a loyal dog like him and cherish the time spent walking the property (approx. 23 acres) with him.

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