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February 13, 2001

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Simba, the Dog of the Day
Name: Simba
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd Pit Bull Mix
Home: Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
   Searching and searching through the different kennels of the SPCA... Dogs jumping and barking... After going through kennels five or six times each, my father and I stopped in kennel C, where we found an adorable eight-month-old German Shepherd/Pit Bull mix. All the other dogs were barking and jumping on their cages but this little special one was laying down staring straight into my eyes. I knew he was a great dog right then!! My father looked at his card, he was eight months old and had been there for four months. He was a stray, and there was not an exact age, but that is what we were told.

    We asked to take him out on a leash. We walked out and when I stopped he stopped and sat. Of corse I had asked for a dog snackie and I tested on his tricks. He only knew sit. Now Simba knows a lot of different tricks, like speak, roll over, flip a treat off his nose, play dead, crawl, says "I Love You", sit, lay, stay, and also plays "Hide and Seek"! I think Simba is the most intelligent dog and sweetest dog in the world!!!

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