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July 26, 2001

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Silly, the Dog of the Day
Name: Silly
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd, Weimaraner Mix
Home: Milan, Italy
   Silly is a "mixed breed" between a German Shepherd and a Weimaraner. His eyes are most special. When I brought him home he behaved in a very jealous way: I couldn't go out with my girlfriend and leave him home, because to show me he was jealous he destroyed all the clothes of my girlfriend, and spared mine. Eventually I was put in front of a final decision by my girlfriend and of course I chose... Silly!

    Last summer I left from Italy for Denmark for vacation and of course Silly was with me: he had no problem getting used to riding in my jawa 350CC sidecar. It's impossible now to go and have a ride by myself: he considers the sidecar as his second "home." As soon as I start the engine, I find him next to me! Since then, we have been in many places together, last time was at a motorcycle meeting up in the mountains, at Stelvio pass, 3700 metre a.s.l. One last thing: the funny picture with a scarf on his head was during a competition for the most beautiful mixed breed dog: well, we didn't win first prize, but Silly had a lot of fun and met many friends!

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