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Mr. Spot the Dalmatian Mr. Spot
Fairfax, Virginia, USA
December 01, 2002

Floyd the German Shepherd Floyd
German Shepherd
London, England
December 02, 2002

Lilah the Keeshond Lilah
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
December 03, 2002

Blue the Chihuahua Blue
Hammond, Louisiana, USA
December 04, 2002

Sully the Boston Terrier Sully
Boston Terrier
Houston, Texas, USA
December 05, 2002

Bono the American Cocker Spaniel Bono
American Cocker Spaniel
December 06, 2002

Kovu the Silky Terrier Kovu
Silky Terrier
Natick, Massachusetts, USA
December 07, 2002

BB the Miniature Schnauzer BB
Miniature Schnauzer
Hong Kong
December 08, 2002

Jackie the White West Highland Terrier Jackie
White West Highland Terrier
Wisconsin, USA
December 09, 2002

Bear the Rottweiler Bear
Prince Edward Island, Canada
December 10, 2002

Lucy the Beagle, Australian Heeler Lucy
Beagle, Australian Heeler
Jacksonville, North Carolina, USA
December 11, 2002

Clancy the Vizsla Clancy
Aliso Viejo, California, USA
December 12, 2002

Billy Boy the Dachshund, Pitbull Billy Boy
Dachshund, Pitbull
Washington, DC, USA
December 13, 2002

Bailey the King Charles Spaniel Bailey
King Charles Spaniel
Westport, Ontario, Canada
December 14, 2002

Hacker, Tookie the Dog Hacker, Tookie
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
December 15, 2002

Code the Golden Retriever Code
Golden Retriever
Mayville, North Dakota, USA
December 16, 2002

Corser the Long haired Chihuahua Corser
Long haired Chihuahua
San Francisco, California, USA
December 17, 2002

Tia the Rottweiller Tia
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 18, 2002

Vinnie the Italian Greyhound Vinnie
Italian Greyhound
Brooklyn, New York, USA
December 19, 2002

Abby the Bichon Frise Abby
Bichon Frise
Folsom, California, USA
December 20, 2002

CJ the Black Labrador Retriever CJ
Black Labrador Retriever
Moreno Valley, California, USA
December 21, 2002

Murphy the Old English Sheepdog Murphy
Old English Sheepdog
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
December 22, 2002

Blue the Dog Blue
North Bend, Washington, USA
December 23, 2002

Doxy, Bebop the Dachshund, Bulldog Doxy, Bebop
Dachshund, Bulldog
Brooklyn, New York, USA
December 24, 2002

Riley, Max the Husky, Doberman Riley, Max
Husky, Doberman
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
December 25, 2002

Peanut the Chihuahua Peanut
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
December 26, 2002

Macky the English Mastiff Macky
English Mastiff
Erie, Michigan, USA
December 27, 2002

Kirby, Meistro the English Springer Spaniels Kirby, Meistro
English Springer Spaniels
Flower Mound, Texas, USA
December 28, 2002

Bruno the Great Dane, Lab Bruno
Great Dane, Lab
December 29, 2002

Jersey the Maltese mix Jersey
Maltese mix
Nova Scotia, Canada
December 30, 2002

Jasper, Sky the Border Collies Jasper, Sky
Border Collies
December 31, 2002

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