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April 25, 2004

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Fiddle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Fiddle
Age: Eight weeks old
Gender: Male Breed: Chow mix
Home: South Carolina, USA
   My name is Fiddle and I'm the Cutest Little Munchkin Ever. Mommy tells me so, and it takes a lot for her to say that as there's a lot of competition at our house. My human mom found my real mom begging for scraps outside a restaurant. Human Mom tracked down the place where Real Mom was living, and rescued Real Mom, me and my brothers and sister. She placed all of us with a rescue agency, but my siblings were bigger and stronger than I was and I couldn't get anything to eat. Pretty soon I was very sick and less than half their size! It was yucky. That's when my Human Mom came back and got me and took me to her house! It was warm and cozy, except she kept making me eat all this yucky baby stuff until I was big enough to eat regular puppy food on my own. Every two hours she poked something down my throat, and it was a very annoying.

    Now, I'm her Big Boy! I can play games and jump off the bed and do all kinds of fun things. I have a kitty to chase and lots of other doggies to annoy - I mean play with. I like to do that. I can bark now too, and like to hide under the bed to sleep. In the morning I come out and stretch and yawn and Human Mom tells me I'm adorable. Even when I forget to go outside, I don't get yelled at too much. It's good to be King.

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