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Otis the Boxer Otis
Bremerton, Washington, USA
December 01, 2005

Nikko the Golden Retriever, Shepherd, Chow Nikko
Golden Retriever, Shepherd, Chow
Olympia, Washington, USA
December 02, 2005

Lily the Miniature Schnauzer Lily
Miniature Schnauzer
Austin, Texas, USA
December 03, 2005

Vodka the Sheltie mix Vodka
Sheltie mix
Springfield, Virginia, USA
December 04, 2005

Harley the Australian Shepherd Harley
Australian Shepherd
Texas, USA
December 05, 2005

Moose the Rottweiler Moose
Juneau, Alaska, USA
December 06, 2005

Bailey the Rat Terrier Bailey
Rat Terrier
Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA
December 07, 2005

Amy the Dachshund mix Amy
Dachshund mix
Texas, USA
December 08, 2005

Rocky the Beagle Rocky
Maryland, USA
December 09, 2005

Hershey the Dachshund Hershey
Georgia, USA
December 10, 2005

Louie the Pug Louie
Cleveland, Ohio, USA
December 11, 2005

Cosmo the Terrier mix Cosmo
Terrier mix
Kenner, Louisiana, USA
December 12, 2005

Cookie the Chocolate Labrador Retriever Cookie
Chocolate Labrador Retriever
Austin, Texas, USA
December 13, 2005

Koda the Alaskan Malamute Koda
Alaskan Malamute
Bath, Michigan, USA
December 14, 2005

Gracie the Basset Hound Gracie
Basset Hound
Omaha, Nebraska, USA
December 15, 2005

Gretchen the German Shepherd Dog Gretchen
German Shepherd Dog
Uxbridge, Massachusetts, USA
December 16, 2005

Piper the Wire Haired Fox Terrier Piper
Wire Haired Fox Terrier
Nashville, Tennessee, USA
December 17, 2005

Storm the Shiloh Shepherd Storm
Shiloh Shepherd
Forked River, New Jersey, USA
December 18, 2005

Ozzy the Standard Poodle Ozzy
Standard Poodle
Chicago Heights, Illinois, USA
December 19, 2005

Bailey the Weimaraner Bailey
Texas, USA
December 20, 2005

Cody the Golden Retriever mix Cody
Golden Retriever mix
Bay Shore, New York, USA
December 21, 2005

Midnight the Labrador, Irish Setter Midnight
Labrador, Irish Setter
North Carolina, USA
December 22, 2005

Bailey the Dog Bailey
Southgate, Michigan, USA
December 23, 2005

Scooby the Dachshund Scooby
Gainesville, Georgia, USA
December 24, 2005

Fletcher, Daisy the Basset Hound, Dachshund Fletcher, Daisy
Basset Hound, Dachshund
Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
December 25, 2005

Bajhi the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Bajhi
Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
December 26, 2005

Katie the Shih Tzu Katie
Shih Tzu
Campobello, South Carolina, USA
December 27, 2005

Mia the West Highland Terrier Mia
West Highland Terrier
New York, USA
December 28, 2005

Lucy the Beagle Lucy
Dublin, Ireland
December 29, 2005

Ashley the Sheltie mix Ashley
Sheltie mix
Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA
December 30, 2005

Iggy the Dalmatian Iggy
South San Jose, California, USA
December 31, 2005

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