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April 8, 2007

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Lucy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female Breed: Chinese Pug
Home: Little Rock, Arkansas, USA
   Hi! My name is Lucy! My mom put me in the daffodils and made me wear these silly bunny ears to take my Easter picture. Whatever ... it makes her happy, I guess.

    I live in Little Rock, Arkansas. As you can see, I am very cute and sweet. I have a pug brother, Oliver. He and I love to get into mischief together! We especially love to chew on expensive shoes and chase the Himalayan cat that lives with us. We also love to eat, sleep, and play with our Kong toys.

    Both my brother and I came from the same wonderful breeders, Ricky and Jan Williams, at Diamond W Pugs. Maybe a pug might be the right dog for you? We're soft and cuddly, we have personality plus, and we'll love you unconditionally...but I'll warn you - we do snore.

    Oliver and I go to "doggie day care" every day at The Dog House. Bob and his staff there take great care of us. We love to go there. Mommy takes us because she doesn't want us to be bored all day at home. We play all day with other pups - it's so much fun!

    Well, I hope you've enjoyed my story! Happy Easter!

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