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December 14, 2007

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Raven, the Dog of the Day
Name: Raven
Age: Nine months old
Gender: Female Breed: Great Dane
Home: Pulaski, Tennessee, USA
   My name is Raven Meleah Gooch. I am nine months old and pushing 100 pounds. I reside in the beautiful city of Pulaski and that is in the beautiful state of Tennessee. I have a host of siblings, some four legged and some two legged. I have three sisters (two-legged), Kristina, Kayla, and McKenzie. They love me because I am so playful. I have two more sisters (four legged), Maddy, who is a Bassett Hound and Katy Lyn, who is a West Highland Terrier. They seem to like me but they are quite a bit older than I am and kind of reserved in their ways. So my extreme playfulness doesn't set well with them always.

    I also have two brothers (four-legged), Keelan who is a miniature pinscher and Mathens, who is a bassett hound/miniature pinscher mix. I might be young but I can figure that out so I guess you could really say that Mathens is my uncle (twice). My mom bought me for my dad at Christmas. He wanted a big dog and he sure got one. I love to play catch with anything you can throw. My dad has also taught me to shake with both feet and also to ride well in the truck. I also love to ride in the wagon behind the lawn mower as he cuts grass. They recently added a pool to the back yard and I have learned that if you stand on the side of it, you can get a good drink of water. I will have to break that habit, as it gets me in time out every time I do that.

    I am a die hard NASCAR fan (Go Jr.), just like my mom and dad. I have an assortment of bandanas to represent my favorite driver. I am also a real college football fan, but undecided at the moment on which team. See my dad and sister (McKenzie) are Alabama fans and my mom and other two sisters (Kristina and Kayla) are Tennessee fans. So they all want to dress me in the colors of both teams. I want to please everyone, but they just can't see that I can wear both at once. Anyway, I love my home and family. I enjoy all of the attention I get from these guys and I try to give back 100%.

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