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June 3, 2007

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Cherrie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cherrie
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Beagle
Home: New Mexico, USA
   My name is Cherrie. We will never know if I had another name before, but I love this name because it comes from so, so much love. I was named after the fabulous lady that saved me from my tortured life I lead for about four years. You see, I was chained to a huge dog house that provided no warmth, there 24/7 with no love from the humans that banished me to a solitary life. They know they didn't love me but why? I'm a good little girl and couldn't understand. Luckily, I didn't lose my mind and my love and hope kept me going. To my shock they sold their home and left me chained to my dog house. I wasn't fed and my water froze but I held my faith.

    My namesake could no longer abide my situation and contacted New Mexico Beagle Rescue and inquired if my new mom could open her heart and take me in. Mommy Trish said, "Yes," of course. Her heart broke when she heard the story of my life. My namesake told me I was to be saved! I couldn't believe I was to be loved (a foreign word to me - and treasured, what was that?). My namesake spirited her up to my Mom, Trish at New Mexico Beagle Rescue and wow. I was in heaven, so many others to play with and have fun with, though I was so so shy at first. My mother gathered me in her arms and repeated "You are safe and loved forever." It took me a while to understand but Mom has so much patience. I was not housebroken, I didn't know, I didn't have the confidence but I knew I had unconditional love.

    At the time I came, Mom was losing one of her beloved Beagles of 17 of years, Chewy, and I was a comfort to him. It was then that Mom decided that her beloved Chewy had brought her me to help him and her! Wow I AM SPECIAL!

    Mother explained to me she can't keep any more Beagles as that doesn't leave room for the hundreds of Beagles she takes in and finds home for each year but I am the exception to the rule. I AM HERS, FOREVER!

    I will be here with her always and what a wonderful life it is! I get to help with the new little ones coming in and comfort them and teach them what true love is. I'm Mom's ambassador! What a privilege and mission in life! Especially considering (as Mom says I'm the tiniest Beagle she's ever seen, as she's seen a lot) I'm all of ten pounds.

    I know I am special in my Mom's eyes but she has explained we must go beyond that and help all the Beagles in need. I ask you on my behalf, please - there are Beagles and so many other darling dogs in shelters through out the us that need your help. Please open your heart to a dog in need, if not a Beagle, please go to your shelters and save any dog. They will reward you with love and devotion. What happens in puppy mills and shelters is deplorable.

    I am lucky, and Mom strives every day to help more. Please be proactive and don't allow what happened to me happen to another of the Lord's most innocent creatures. If nothing else spay and neuter your pet.

    I am the happiest Beagle in the world, please strive to have your companion feel as happy as I do.

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