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September 10, 2007

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Volcom, the Dog of the Day
Name: Volcom
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male Breed: Chow, Shepherd mix
Home: Florida, USA
   This is Volcom, and he is so cool! I adopted him March 24 and I am so happy he came into my life. Supposedly he had been abused by some kids. When I first picked him up, he tucked his little tail under and clung on for dear life. After holding him for almost two hours, he and I both decided he had a new home. He only whimpered in his cage for about fifteen minutes, and has kept it spotless. He is in training now and apparently is a genius!

    He is so attentive when I am going over a new command, and even though it is basic puppy stuff, he looks me right in the eye. He has been with us for two months, and still inhales his food. So the newest thing he is learning is to sit before he eats. I told him twice and he now does it on his own. When he sees his water bowl first thing in the morning, he is so excited that his tail almost lifts him up into the air. It is wagging so fast that he ends up circling the bowl as he drinks. He gets a little scared when we go for walks at night and when there are teenagers around. But he has never once acted mean, vicious, dominant or anything else to make me think his early puppyhood might bring out something in him to scare children. He absolutely loves going to the dog park and has lots of best friends. But it takes two trips a day to wear him out! He loves taking his "sissy" to high school every morning but is confused when she walks down the long hall and doesn't walk back. Everyone loves my little wolf/bear lookalike. I am a happier person because of him and I know he loves me for saving him; his happy little tail tells me so.

Volcom, the Dog of the Day

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