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August 14, 2008

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Kandi, the Dog of the Day
Name: Kandi
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Beagle
Home: Avondale, Pennsylvania, USA
   This is our dog Kandi at ten weeks, and she is very special to us. Kandi arrived from a kennel in Iowa to our home in Pennsylvania via a kennel transportation van. Her original family did not think that animals should be delivered airplanes (too scary) so they used a transportation service. It was an approximately three-day journey for Kandi to arrive at our house. We received a call around 10pm indicating that the driver was getting close to our home. Since he would be arriving late, he would be glad to wait until morning to deliver her. And then his next stop was Baltimore. We were so excited to get Kandi, that we told him to come on in that night no matter what time it was Well, Kandi arrived around 2:30am. The whole family was up with her that night.

    She is very special and as she has grown she has developed the classic beagle or hound dog howl. We love her very much.

    Kandi is just over one year old now. While she has settled down a bit from the early puppy days, Kandi is still very affectionate and playful. She loves to go on long walks with us through the fields, woods and golf course. When there is no one on the golf course, we love to take small side trips onto the greens. Kandi loves the smooth surface of the green, and she will literally run in circles and bark until she is exhausted. There is something about the surface or texture of the smooth greens that she loves. As you may know, beagles are known for their extremely strong sense of smell. When Kandi is on the scent of something, we describe her as "zoned out" and focused on only one thing. The funniest thing she does when something catches her nose, she will stand up vertical on her hind legs and sniff the air to get a better lock on the location.

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