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June 30, 2008

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Hector, the Dog of the Day
Name: Hector
Age: Six years old
Gender: Male Breed: Beagle
Home: Flint, Michigan, USA
   My name is Hector but humans sometimes call me "Chubby Hector," "Stinky Potato," "Sweet Roll," "Cold-cut," "Flying Ace," or just "Heps." As you can tell, I have a lot of nicknames. I am a six year old Beagle, and I live in Flint, Michigan. I live with two other dogs, two big, young females -- Tatum (Yellow Lab/Pit bull mix) and Shawnee (German Shepherd/Border Collie mix). I am the lazy, low-energy one in the pack. My girls look out for me when we go on walks.

    Though I am a bit chunky, I love a good, long walk in any type of weather - rain, sleet, or snow. Sometimes I have trouble keeping up because I must carry my rock-solid body, but nevertheless, I never give up on a walk. As far as my disposition goes, I am a very sweet and happy dog who even has a sense of humor at times. In fact, every so often I like to smile or do something silly just to see all the humans get excited. I also often make the claim that I get along with any dog of any size, breed, or temperament.

    Hector is the name and takin' funny pictures is the game. That's one thing that makes me special. Another thing that makes me special though is that I am the perfect house pet. I am such a gentle creature around kids, other dogs, and even every other species known to humans. This has been proven as I'd like to claim to be the only dog who has NEVER shown any aggression (but realistically I do realize I'm probably not the only dog who can make this claim).

    Anyhow, you may have also noticed I'm a bit chubby. Sometimes people confuse me for a Basset Hound/Beagle mix or just a "pregnant Beagle" (how rude by the way, I'm a boy!) but nope, I'm 100% Beagle, just a chubby one. But my pack leader and I are trying to get my weight down by eating a little less and exercising a lot more. It's just hard when you start to get old and all the kiddos are always givin' ya table scraps, ya know? We've switched to a healthier (and more expensive) dog food and over the past year and a half my weight has dropped from 49 pounds to 40 pounds. As a chubby Beagle I'm real proud of that. Anyway though, I won't go on and on about my chub forever, 'cause it all just means I have more love to give. :)

Hector, the Dog of the Day

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