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May 9, 2008

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Tucker, the Dog of the Day
Name: Tucker
Age: Three years old
Gender: Male Breed: Beagle
Home: Rockville, Maryland, USA
   Tucker is the sweetest smell-hound ever. Taking Tucker for a walk is sort of like a sidewalk version of water-skiing: You hold on to the leash and he takes you for a ride- wherever his nose leads him. Since we have plenty of other dogs, and even some deer in our neighborhood, there is always something new to smell. Since Tucker has come to live with us (he was a rescue dog) we have never had to sit, eat or sleep alone. He is constantly by our side- usually looking for a snack or someone to play or cuddle with.

    One of Tucker's favorite places to rest is under the covers. He looks for an opening-usually in the morning- and makes his move. If he didn't get hungry, and have to go outside, he would probably spend much of the day keeping warm in one of our beds. Tucker's best friend is our Tabby cat, Tiger. In fact, Tucker has turned Tiger into a bit of a beagle himself. The two of them wait for us by the door to come home, and then follow us around the kitchen waiting for a treat.

   We love our Tucker.

    Tucker was about one-year old when we got him. He was "rescued" in a sense, since his owner couldn't keep him and was out of options when Aimee, our Aunt and sister-in-law and lover of all things four-legged, had a sense our home was in need of a beagle. Tucker came over for a "visit" and the rest is history. He's Zach and Sara's first dog and king of the house along with his "brother beagle" - our cat Tiger.

    Tucker is just about the cuddliest beagle there is - he enjoys sitting on laps on laying down on anyone who isn't upright. Nighttime is a bit of a challenge since he likes to sleep as close to you as possible. (Think beagle necklace.) Walks with Tucker (or "Tugger") are always an adventure. We have lots of squirrels and deer in our neighborhood so there are plenty of scents to follow. We know he's on the trail of something especially smell-licious when he starts to sing to the sidewalk as he tugs us along.

    He has canine friends throughout the neighborhood including Cali, Lucy, Lambeau and Cookie. Cookie's owner has been known to take Tucker in and feed him roast chicken, vegetables - even some soup once! It's Tucker's favorite diner.

    We, Tucker included, were thrilled when Uno the beagle won the Westminster dog show. There is a special bond among dog-lovers and beagle owners, and were received many exited calls and emails from people who wanted to share the Uno win with us. Go Beagles!

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