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September 1, 2008

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Parker, the Dog of the Day
Name: Parker
Age: One year old
Gender: Male Breed: Collie, Retriever mix
Home: Bluffton, South Carolina, USA
   This is our one year old Parker Bear! He was a rescue dog so we know his mom was a collie retriever mix and are not sure of the father but those who know dogs think he has some chow in him. We absolutely adore him and this is our first dog. He is addicted to the laser pointer which keeps him running for hours and loves car rides and all of the neighbor dogs. Ironically, out of eight dogs in the neighborhood, he is the only male. I think he loves it! This picture was his first birthday when we got him a hat and a "cake" which was really a big treat! He has been so much fun for us and we will miss him desperately when we go on our honeymoon!

    Parker loves all people and all dogs! He likes to sit outside on the front lawn and greet all of the neighbors when they come home from work. He frequently goes to the back sliding glass doors of our neighbors who have dogs and waits for them to come out and play. If he can sneak his way into their house, he will do that as well. Parker believe he is welcome everywhere and everyone loves him, and actually he is right! All the neighbors know him and bring him treats and pet him.

    He loves to play and be chased. If you chase him around the yard, he will never tire. He will never, ever get tired of chasing the laser on rainy days, either. Just when you think he is worn out and will fall asleep, he is up again and wanting to play. He loves the laser so much, he can even spell it now and gets excited when he hears us spelling it!

    Our favorite cuddle times are nighttime and morning. He is all puppy during the day and likes to run and play but at night and in the morning, he will cuddle up and lay down and get petted for hours!

    We hope to get him a special friend very soon since he loves company!

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