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September 11, 2008

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King, the Dog of the Day
Name: King
Age: Fifteen weeks old
Gender: Male Breed: Pit Bull Terrier
Home: USA
   This is our wonderful puppy King. He is a Pit Bull Terrier, and is now fifteen weeks old. We got him because I have his father and now that he is getting older, I wanted to have a pup from him. Plus, we are expecting a little boy in a few months, so we wanted to get him a guardian and a playmate. King is our little baby and goes everywhere with us. He just started to enjoy his trips to the river and playing in the water. He thinks that he is a little person and he will show affection by putting his paws up to touch your face and giving you kisses! He also loves to play with his reptile friends. They are two bearded dragons and an iguana that all chase each other around the house, however they don't like when he gives them kisses!!! He also loves to play with our three rats which don't like him, but he thinks they are playing with him.

    In the picture with the palm tree blanket he is about nine weeks old, and that is when we learned that he loves to have his picture taken. He will do his own cute little poses for us, and sit still until we are done taking pictures. He is actually a very laidback pup which is great and that fits his Mommy and Daddy's personality. He loves to just lounge around and sleep the day away. King has been a wonderful addition to our family and I could not imagine him not being here with us!

King, the Dog of the Day

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