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September 12, 2008

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Cassie, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cassie
Age: 13 1/2 years old
Gender: Female Breed: Dalmatian
Home: Texas, USA
   Our dog, Cassie, is a beautiful Dalmatian. She is an old girl now, but she still enjoys chasing the squirrels and birds in the backyard. She has a new little "brother", a Springer Spaniel named Boomer whom she "tolerates" as the pesky little pup he is! She tolerates Boomer but doesn't want him around her. I think she has taught Boomer a few of her loves, though, like eating paper and socks! In her younger days, she loved to play frisbee and chase balls.

    Our children have grown up with Cassie, and she has been and still is wonderfully loyal to them. She is a "super dog" and even has the letter S on her back formed with her spots! Cassie loves to visit my school each year to help celebrate the 101st day of school. Cassie is a beautiful dog inside and out, and that is why we love her so.

    She still will chase the occasional squirrel out of the yard. Cassie has always been very protective of all of us. On two different occasions, she would not go to sleep and kept pacing back and forth from my daughter's room. I finally went to check on Molly, and she had a fever. Cassie seemed to know that as she was sound asleep after I went to check. She is just a wonderful dog... a little grayer and slower to step, but still the loving faithful dog she has always been.

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