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September 26, 2008

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Beebo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Beebo
Age: Eleven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Golden Retriever
Home: Hayesville, North Carolina, USA
   My name is Beebo. I am a big swimmer and I love to swim after my favorite toy and bring it to my dad who throws it right back out in the water.

    Beebo's dad here. When I was a child, I loved a pastry called a honey bun, the local bakery used an icon that was a little bear, that little bear's name was Beebo. I don't know why, but as soon as I laid eyes on Beebo when he was a puppy, I immediately thought he looked just like the little bear and named him Beebo. Since it broke my heart to hear him cry for attention in the little playpen we would put him in at night, I kept him in the bed with me where he never made a peep. It took him a while to learn to jump onto the bed on his own and that's where he would spend most of his time, sleeping under the ceiling fan on the bed.

    I used to get the newspaper in the morning and would let Beebo out when I would get the paper. It didn't take Beebo long and he was trying to pick up the paper. Since it was bigger than him, I would help him until he was big enough to get it by himself. Eventually, that was his primary concern when I would let him out in the morning, to get the paper. So when the paper boy would through the paper into the yard, Beebo would hear him and Beebo would quietly walk into the bedroom and gently lick my nose. If that didn't wake me, he would then breathe his breath right into my face and tickle me with his little whiskers and if that wouldn't do it, he would then slap the side of the bed with his tail while wagging. He was so cute. He eventually would bring back anything, a tennis ball, baseball, softball, frisbee, his orange toy in the picture, but he had the most fun with just a stick. He was so cute and would bring the ball, orange toy or stick and lay it at my feet, but if there were someone else with us, he would consider them the guest of honor and Beebo would lay the toy at their feet for them to throw.

    When Beebo was about two months old, I took him swimming and though he didn't like it at first, he quickly became an expert swimmer and loved the water, especially if it were in a mud-puddle. He loves riding in the front of my truck and going to the lake no matter if it is rain or shine, hot or cold. He once chased after a cat he saw across a frozen pond when the temperature was -20c. The cat ran across the frozen surface, but Beebo went right through. Here came Beebo back, water frozen on his fur, but panting with a big smile.

    Beebo is so sweet and will greet everyone he sees with a whine, a big wag of his tail and a toy in his mouth. He would snuggle right up with you and loves to have his ears and cheeks scratched. Most of all Beebo would never get mad at you and he always knows when you are happy, sad or mad. If sad or mad, after two seconds with Beebo you are on your way to recovery. There is no way I could ever explain the relationship I have with Beebo, but I can say this - I certainly would give my life for him and I think that is the meaning of love. That is what makes Beebo special to me.

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