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August 23, 2010

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Willow, the Dog of the Day
Name: Willow
Age: Two years old
Gender: Female Breed: Red-bone Coonhound mix
Home: St. Peters, Missouri, USA
   Willow is a two-year-old red-bone coonhound mix who we adopted from the Missouri Humane Society as a three-month-old puppy. Willow should be honored for her gentleness and protectiveness towards other animals which include baby birds that have fallen out of their nest and baby bunnies who have been preyed upon by other animals (including our own cat). Last spring, Willow brought me a baby bunny with barely any fur on it yet and delivered unharmed. I then followed her to another bunny which was close to being eaten by our cat. In watching the cat and with Willow's starring at an area just outside her invisible fence space, I found another baby bunny in a hole in the brush. I placed the two bunnies back in the nest and low and behold the mother bunny did come back and we watched the bunnies grow.

    The amazing story continues, as Willow would sit most of the day and keep guard of her baby bunnies. If the cat somehow got out or any other creature came near her babies, Willow would bark, howl and drive away all but the mother bunny. I am attaching a picture of Willow's bunnies. Willow also rescued and brought me to two baby birds who had fallen out of their nest during a storm. Thanks to Willow, we returned them to their nest, before harm could come to them.

    Just this April, I found Willow laying on the ground whining. When I came up to check on her, she was laying watching another tiny hairless bunny (still alive and somehow lost from the nest - I suspect the crazy cat again). I actually asked Willow if she knew where the nest was and she started sniffing all over as though she knew what I was asking. Instead she led me to another bunny (still alive but not in the nest). She seemed distraught so I decided to bring out Hannah (our four-year-old coonhound mix - another rescued dog) for help who has the same tender nature and a keen sense of smell. Hannah sniffed the ground where the bunnies were laying and went directly to the side of our creek where we found three more bunnies in a nest behind a rock. I put the two we found in the hole and within a short period of time this mommy bunny moved the entire family to a new location (which we have yet to locate).

    Willow (with some help of her beloved Hannah) is responsible for rescuing and caring for several of God's creatures.

    Here is Willow with some of our foster kitties. We foster kittens until old enough for neutering/spaying and adoption for local center. No doubt, Willow will continue to protect the baby bunnies, birds, and kittens who find their way into our backyard for years to come.

Willow, the Dog of the Day
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Willow, the Dog of the Day
Willow, the Dog of the Day
Willow, the Dog of the Day
Willow, the Dog of the Day

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