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August 25, 2010

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Cleo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cleo
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Beagle
Home: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
   Growing up I was very close to my neighbors beagle and as an adult I couldn't wait to have one of my very own. I adopted Cleo as a puppy and it was love at first sight. Throughout the years Cleo has had many misadventures. My favorite Cleo story dates back a few years ago around Christmas time. I visited my mom's house in the country and took Cleo with me. My mother and I went out for about an hour and left Cleo at her home. When we returned, we discovered Cleo had gotten into my mother's stash of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. Instead of eating them, Cleo was busy hiding them all over her house! Some of the more memorable hiding places included inside of one of my mom's shoes in her closet, in between stacks of linens in the hall closet, and under the cushions of my mom's formal living room furniture! Needless to say we were both too busy laughing to scold Cleo, and I enjoyed the phone calls that ensued for months afterwards when my mom would call to say, "I found another cookie!" Cleo is one of the most intelligent dogs I have ever known, which is why I proudly display a "My beagle is smarter than your honor student" sticker on the back of my car. When she isn't hiding cookies, Cleo loves to dress up, sleep on my husband's pillow, and antagonize our two portly housecats.

    Cleo is very smart, sometimes for her own good. Cleo will observe items she wants (usually food) and will plot at length to capture the target. She will wait until the moment is just right before she goes for it. Once when I was on a business trip, my husband was home alone with the kids. He made himself a nice burger on the grill and got distracted for a moment. Cleo jumped up on the kitchen table and ate the burger, leaving the roll completely untouched. I got an earful over that one, but I think it was awfully considerate of Cleo to leave the roll for my husband! Another time she ate an entire tray of hot dogs we had sitting out on the grill, waiting to be cooked. Miraculously she's never gotten sick from any of her extreme eating habits. We've tried teaching Cleo tricks, but she just isn't interested. She does however know many commands - sit, down, bed, heel, and she is also trained to stay in one spot until we say "break." Her favorite two vocabulary words are "Walk" and "Grandmom's," as she loves to go on the long car ride to my mother's home, as well as the nightly strolls we take around our neighborhood together. Cleo has the trademark beagle howl, but rarely barks at other dogs anymore now that she is getting older. Patient and loving, she has always been very gentle with my children, even through their less than friendly toddler years. Beagles are loving, loyal companions and Cleo is no exception.

Cleo, the Dog of the Day
Cleo, the Dog of the Day

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