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October 8, 2010

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Dino, the Dog of the Day
Name: Dino
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Greyhound
Home: Arlington Heights, Illinois, USA
   Hi everyone! My name is Dino and I was born and raised at a greyhound track in Florida. I wasn't so good at racing (I'm too lazy to run!) so an organization called Greyhounds Only brought me up to Illinois and found me a home!

    I'm the most laid back dog you'll ever meet and I'll let anyone pat me for hours. I'm also the laziest dog you will ever meet and I sleep upwards to eighteen hours a day! Even though I'm a big dog, I am the biggest wuss. I don't like walking on tile, wood floor, or linoleum because it's too slippery. I also don't know how to go up stairs yet, but my Mom and Dad are teaching me slowly. Fireworks are my worst enemy and I give my mom and dad a hard time on July 4th.

    I love car rides and I like to drool everywhere (even on my mom and dad!). I also like to go on walks and pee on each and every tree. When I run out of pee, I just lift my leg and act like I'm peeing, which my parents think is cute. My favorite thing in the world is eating and I'll do anything for a treat. My parents sometimes let me have cheese or wheat things, but only when they fall on the floor.

    I have one kitty brother named Tigger and one kitty sister named Olive Kitty. Olive Kitty and I are best friends and she always rubs up against my legs. Tigger doesn't like me very much, but I ignore him and he leaves me alone.

   I love my new family and my parents are so lucky to have found me :)!

Dino, the Dog of the Day

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