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April 18, 2011

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Big Baba, the Dog of the Day
Name: Big Baba
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Chow Chow
Home: Mission, British Columbia, Canada
   This is Big Baba, our Chow Chow. Our pet is special because we rescued him just before Christmas of 2010. He was severely beaten, according to the rescue people, and was in foster care for almost a year. I saw the notice on a rescue site for him and was going to adopt him and that would take a bit of time to set up. But then his foster lady went into hospital just before Christmas, so they asked us to foster him for a while. Then, just after a week, his foster lady passed away, and they asked us to adopt him, and now he is ours forever. Now he runs, plays and goes for daily walks and is starting to trust us. He is so gentle and a good all-around dog. He loves his new buddies; a cat, a Yorkie, and an African Grey parrot.

    He is very timid at the moment, but loves being petted and runs all over our yard. He chases after his tail goes in circles, loves his ball and can sit when asked, and lies down when asked. He runs after our cat, Sir Tetley, then Sir Tetley chases him, its quite funny, but he has never hurt Tetley. He tries to play with our little Yorkie too but he runs away from him at the moment, probably not sure what this furry giant's intentions are. Now when he wants to go outside, he will come rest his head on my lap as to say, "out please." He barks when the door bell rings, knows what the word "walk" means and gets excited when our parrot says "Wanna go for walk?" and calls Baba by name too. We love Big Baba lots.

Big Baba, the Dog of the Day

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