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December 16, 2012

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Zmora, the Dog of the Day
Name: Zmora
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female Breed: Labrador Retriever mix
Home: Pozna, Poland
   What makes my dog special? At first I didn't want her! Really, I don't like Labs or Lab mixes, or that's what I thought then! But she came to my house five years ago from a dog market (yeah, I know better now) and I just had to take care of her. We have since grown up together. She loves to learn new tricks and she is surely a 'city dog' - loud noises, buses, trams and trains don't distract her. She loves agility, dog trekking and rally obedience. She trusts me very very much in everything and she loves to touch me and be close to me.

    Her name in English means nightmare. "Zmora" is a pre-christian Slovakian half-demon. The mythical Zmora can also sit on your chest and smother you. My Zmora is more likely to smother you with love. I didn't want her at first, but now I cannot live without her!

    She changes my mind a lot, I always thought that Labradors aren't so smart, the ones I had seen seemed overweight, unattractive and didn't care about their owners (especially on a walks without a leash). But she is pretty, thin, muscular, and she loves to work with me - the perfect opposite. Besides the basic tricks (sit, lie down, stand up, wait, etc) she can bark, beg, roll, turn left and right (I call it 'circle'), "hands in the air" (she stands on her back legs with front legs up), slalom between my legs when I'm standing and walking, "bubbles" (like in her video), a play bow, "sad doggy" (lie down with head down on ground) and a lot more that I can't even remember!

    Another interesting thing about her is that she works the best in crowded and loud places, and in a places that she is for her first time - not in the house. She loves balls, she works in agility for a ball as a reward. And there is another interesting thing: she likes to be petted only by me, my mother, sister and best friend. She is indifferent to strangers, they could even disappear and she doesn't mind. She loves to be close, as close as possible, to feel that I'm with her and she can rely on me. When she don't know what to do with other dogs, or she's scared, confused or something she looks at my like she is asking "what should I do?'" I didn't want her at first, but now I cannot live without her!

   Videos: Zmora is learning new trick - BUBBLES! and Zmora and snack ball.

Zmora, the Dog of the Day
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Zmora, the Dog of the Day
Zmora, the Dog of the Day
Zmora, the Dog of the Day
Zmora, the Dog of the Day

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