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July 21, 2012

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Jeb, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jeb
Age: Ten years old
Gender: Male Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog
Home: Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
   Please meet Jeb, full name Jebediah Springfield. He's also known affectionately as Jebby, Snoot, Bonesy, Poops and Snoopy.

    Jeb is a ten-year-old Catahoula Leopard Dog from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, by way of the HighPark area in Toronto, Ontario. The state dog of Louisiana living/retiring in the Canadian prairies? You bet! Jeb is a former rambunctious, fart-knocker of a puppy and now in his older age a loving, affectionate yet lazy lap-dog. A famously loyal mommas-boy, sometimes cat lover (he liked to snuggle with his kitten/brother, Monty), raccoon nemesis and deer chaser, his love and loyalty for his family and their friends has always been evident to everyone he meets. Mom has a shower? Even after eleven years there will still be a few squeaks at the door wondering if she will ever return. Mom journeys out on a boat from the cottage shore? Jebby will jump in the water and swim after the watercraft, believing he could catch up to her. If its your first time at Jeb's house, you will most likely find his head rested on your lap, as many new friends have found out in record time (sorry about the slobber, folks).

    Jeb loves to play outside in the Canadian winter snow, chomping on snowballs (don't all Louisianians?), and also loved running on the beach in Grand Bend, Ontario. But his favorite place is stretched out on the big-people bed, nicely nestled into a "krink", with his head on a pillow pretending to be a person. He gets spoiled by not only us, but his grandparents (ham anyone?) and aunts. Be careful ordering pizza around Jeb, as the instant the doorbell rings, you are in for some water-works. Grab a napkin for yourself, and two or three for Jeb, unless you want to be ankle-deep in slobber that would make Turner and Hooch run for cover. Have some cardboard to breakdown? Jeb will shred it into hundreds of two-inch pieces with the accuracy of a surgeon (if only his skills translated into something useful!)

    Jebby has inspired many family songs in his lifetime, including the hit "snoot of earl" and the memorable "snoot box hero". So smart, and so regal? We like to think so, but probably not entirely accurate. But Jeb is the best dog we could ever ask for, and brings joy and laughter to our lives every day.

Jeb, the Dog of the Day
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Jeb, the Dog of the Day
Jeb, the Dog of the Day

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