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September 5, 2012

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Edge, the Dog of the Day
Name: Edge
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: German Shepherd Dog
Home: Omro, Wisconsin, USA
   This is Edge von der Pflaumbachstraße. Edge came to me from Germany in hopes of becoming a police K9. Edge was trained negatively in Germany, so he has a lot of nervousness around certain situations and because of this he will not be suited to be a K9 police dog. Edge has become a permanent member of my family, and is a wonderful protector over myself and my family-all while being a very friendly, social dog.

    Edge is a very loving dog. Because of his history, he does have a little bit of a hard time settling down-as he is used to having high drive and forced to work. He is getting better, but it is a slow process. He is extremely protective of me, and him and I are very in sync with each other. It has been an instant bond between us. Edge does not know any "tricks", but knows many commands, all in German. His commands include platz (down), sitz (sit), bleib (stay), fuss (heel), hier (come), steh (stand), bring (fetch), hopp (jump), voraus (go out) such (track), pass auf (guard), aus (release), packen (bite), gib laut (speak), zwinger (kennel), so ist brav (good boy), pfui and nein (no), and nimm futter (go ahead and eat). He does know a few English commands, but not many. Edge is extremely dependent on me-he does not like to be somewhere without me. He is affectionate to me, but more reserved with others, even my fiancé. He does lean on people though if he trusts them. He is extremely protective over our other animals (two other dogs, and four cats. I plan to enter them all at some point lol) but does not ever try to herd them. He has no herding drive whatsoever.

    Edge is very friendly, and I have never seen him be aggressive in a time that was not justified. He does get fence aggressive if there is another dog outside the fence running along, as he will protect the other dogs. He also has bitten people during bitework training (while we were still hopeful he would work out) but only if they pushed me or tried to hurt me. When I introduce him to people, I tell him "friend" so that he starts to associate that I am letting him know that this person is ok. He is friendly around other dogs, but I am always cautious with him. He loves my parents' dogs very much, and considers them part of his family.

    Edge has been a huge comfort to me, as my fiancé works second shift, and I am home alone every night. I feel much safer knowing that my dog will protect me no matter what. He has intense focus on people while on walks and I know people are intimidated by him. But if they get to meet him, they understand he's a big bear cub.

Edge, the Dog of the Day
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Edge, the Dog of the Day
Edge, the Dog of the Day
Edge, the Dog of the Day

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