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Rolo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rolo
Age: Fourteen weeks old
Gender: Male Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Home: Middle East England
   Hello! I'm Rolo. I have three younger sisters and one younger brother. Yes, that means I'm the oldest. Haha! I was also the only pup born naturally, as well. Anyway. We were born on the 4th of February, ten days before Valentines Day and fifteen days before my younger mummy's birthday. I say my younger mummy because I have three! I also have four daddies, aren't I a lucky pup! One of my mums is the oldest two-legged in the house. I like crawling all over her when she's on the laptop (though she doesn't like it very much ...). Then there is the youngest two-legged in the house. She teaches me tricks and lets me sleep on her all the time, (though I have to be careful not to squirm to much otherwise it's on the floor I go). Finally, there is my doggy mummy. She is the oldest doggy in the house, and she was a bit grumpy when I first came. But now we run around all over the house together and get under everyone's feet! Anyway. I have two two-legged daddies as well and two doggy daddies. One of my doggy daddies is also seven, and the running joke in the house is that he is actually the grumpy old granddad! My other doggy daddy is my real daddy, that I see often and he even came to stay for a week when I was thirteen weeks old!

    Anyway. Enough about them, more about me! Well, besides from my parents, I also live with three cats. They beat me round the head when I try to taste the interesting smells they bring in with them. Thankfully they've not used their claws. Yet. I prefer the little creature that lives in the cage beside my bed. I think it's called a 'Degu'? I have no clue what a 'degu' is. I only ever hear it squeak and squeal and run around in its cage. I'm to small to be able to see. If I go up on the stairs I can just about see it, but all I can see is a little brown creature that is obsessed these funny shaped beige coloured things my two-leggeds give to it. They smell bland and disgusting. Finally, there are the noises upstairs that I hear every night. They aren't nice noises, there's the loud thumping I hear and then the high pitched squeaking. Very scary when you're a small puppy in the dark! We're not allowed up there because that's where the cats eat and sleep, but when Daddy came to stay he went up there and said those loud noises were some rabbits and a guinea pig, whatever they are!

    Now look at me, I'm getting off topic again! So. I came to live in this interesting place when I was six weeks old. At first, I was confined to a small room to keep my now mummy and daddy away from me. But I could easily slip through the bars of this big white thing they used to keep us separate because I was so small! I can't anymore though. I have other games to play now, though. I have a rope hippo that I like to play fetch and tug of war with, a proper tug of war rope, a squeaky sheep that has no stuffing left anymore, a little red plastic ball, a shredded tennis ball, a funny looking stripy cat thing that squeaks, a big pink thing that mummy calls 'Pig', and then there's all of the washing! I like all my toys, but the washing is the best. Though I only ever go for my younger mummy's things, and I've torn up quite a few of them! I find it funny, but she growls at me. But she soon laughs about it and then I get lots of hugs and kisses!

    Anyway. As for tricks, I know 'sit', 'lie down', 'fetch', 'drop it', 'come' (when they speak and when they make a funny noise with their funny paws), 'bring' and I am working on 'stay'. People seem to think 'fetch' and 'bring' are the same things, but they're not! Mummy tells me to fetch when she throws something for me, and that's when I know I have to run after it and bring it back. She tells me to 'bring' when I've just run in with something, usually something I'm not supposed to have! I like eating things that I'm not supposed to ... it entertains me and keeps me entertained when no one wants to play with me.

    Anyway. I want to go find something else I'm not supposed to have, so I'm going to sign off now. Maybe I'll even find someone to play with me!

   Bubi friends!
   Rolo xxx

Rolo, the Dog of the Day

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