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Slick, the Dog of the Day
Name: Slick
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: Greyhound
Home: West Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
   Slick, (racing name "Boy Puzzle") eight years old, has been a retired racer of sixteen starts, 4x Third, 4x Second, 4x First, then he's been mine for five years now.

    I reckon he's a special little guy because of the unfortunate transformation he's had to make from hunter to domesticated pet. I hate the sport of greyhound racing, it's a terrible way for gorgeous dogs to grow up. In his retirement, he's had kids swing off him, grab him by the ears and kiss his nose, try to ride him ... He's just an amazingly loving dog. Sometimes mistakes a small, fluffy dog for a rabbit, but that's the responsibility we take on as ex racing greyhound adopters; never let them off the lead in public.

    In the picture with the colorful jacket, we went to a march in Melbourne CBD in support of marriage equality. Slick had hundreds of photos taken of him, and made it into both newspapers and TV. He had a great day out! My girlfriend made the jacket for him, and in winter he loves it. Slick, in his old age lives for his sleep, walks and food. There's not a lot of 'playtime' left in his want, but he's never shy to stand in front of you and lean against your legs in the kitchen, or to stand beside your recliner with his head resting on your lap. He's quiet, loving, gentle and great with kids. A truly misunderstood breed, but that trend is changing for the better.

Slick, the Dog of the Day
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Slick, the Dog of the Day
Slick, the Dog of the Day

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