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Dog of the Day
Today's Dog of the Day
Cooper, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cooper
Age: Seven month old
Gender: Male Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home: Madison, Wisconsin, USA
   This little guy came to us only a couple of months after we lost one of our kitties to cancer. With a heavy heart we took him into our home and everyday he has brightened our day just a little bit more and more to make the loss of one not so bad. He may be only half the size of the cats but he is full of spunk and loves to get the "zoomies" in the house (he runs around in circles as fast as he can, while the cats watch and wonder what kind of idiot he is haha). He loves to go to the dog park, ride in his basket car seat, and wave at everyone that runs by, by standing on his hind legs and waving his front; he looks like he is swimming. We are also fortunate that my in-laws have Cooper's sister, Izzy, and after a long day of play with her, he likes to curl up on his favorite floor pillow and gets some zzzz's.

    I couldn't imagine life without him now and although he'll never get the chance to meet Moby (cat who passed away) I know Moby is thinking "Good pick, Mom."

Cooper, the Dog of the Day
Cooper, the Dog of the Day

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