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Dog of the Day
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Rasta, the Dog of the Day
Name: Rasta
Age: Four years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: Zabrze, Poland
   Rasta is very special boy. When I adopted him from the animal shelter, he was so little, he was shaking, and the volunteers didn't know whether he would live because he was separated from his mother too early. He had a lot of stomach problems for a long time, but finally got better and he's healthy now.

    My cat takes care of him like her own baby, as they both have similar coloring, and he was so small when he got here! He grew up so fast, maybe sometimes he thinks that he is cat too, for example: when he tries to jump as high as a cat can. He is very energetic and cheery all the time, and when I have a bad day, he comes to me, nudging me his head and stubbornly he will start licking my ears until I laugh. And he exactly knows what makes me smile and laugh! He can pretend to sneeze, when he see that make me laugh. He's soooo cute! But sometimes he is also a scamp. And he loves to play with a football. Yes, he can play football and he is really good at that, too.

Rasta, the Dog of the Day
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Rasta, the Dog of the Day
Rasta, the Dog of the Day
Rasta, the Dog of the Day

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