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Shandy, the Dog of the Day
Name: Shandy
Age: Deceased, Four years old
Gender: Female Breed: Spanish Galgo, Spanish Podenco mix
Home: Andalusia, Spain
   This is Shandy, a Spanish rescue sighthound. Technically, she never had a permanent home in her short life, but she was a special girl to me, and to others, and so she deserves to be honored. This is her story.

    When Shandy was only a few weeks old, she and her littermates were all dumped at Pepi's Dog Refuge, a rescue shelter in southern spain, run by two wonderful people, Jane and Alan. Most of the puppies found homes, except for two: Satin, who still lives at the shelter today, and little Shandy here. Shandy was rehomed momentarily, until her new owners decided they didn't like her and left her back at the refuge.

    I met Shandy back in July, whilst volunteering at Pepi's Dog Refuge. From day one, I immediately fell in love with her sweet character. She really was a sweetheart, never complained about anything, loved cuddles and was a joy to walk with. She was a funny girl too. She loved playing ball, whenever she was let out into the exercise pen, she would chase the ball, but instead of bringing it back to you, she would go and hide it under the caravan that was also in the pen. She would then proceed to follow you around and stare at you until you crawled under the caravan to get it for her. I would have loved to take her home with me, but sadly, my parents disagreed. I nevertheless kept my fingers crossed and hoped that someone would soon give this girl the home she deserved so much.

    She almost made it. Finally, someone asked to adopt Shandy and her penmate Bruno. Everything looked bright, Shandy would have had a loving home along with a dog she got on very well with and would have lived a long, happy, love-filled life. Sadly, a few days after, Shandy died of twisted intestines. She was such a lively, happy girl, with so much to give. In a matter of hours, all that was wasted. She never got to meet her new loving owner and I never got to say goodbye to her.

    Dogs like Shandy shouldn't have to suffer the way they do. Shelters like Pepi's are doing everything they can, but it's a constant struggle. Last year, a bunch of their dogs were poisoned. Every single year, their house and pens are invaded by mud and water from the floods. They depend on donations to keep going year after year. Which is why I want to help them. They regularly have sponsored walks to help raise money and awareness. I wasn't able to help Shandy, but I can help the other dogs who still live there, still waiting for a home.

    These rescue dogs all deserve to have a happy life and a loving family. They deserve better than a lifetime in a pen. If you'll looking at getting a new dog, please consider rescuing one of these lovely dogs in need of a home. If you have the time, work as a volunteer in a shelter or donate to one of them. Every little helps. If you want to know more about Pepi's Dog Refuge, please visit Pepis Dog Refuge.

    Shandy may not be here anymore, but she will be remembered. She was a very special girl and her spirit will shine on in the hearts of all those who remember her.

    Rest in peace sweet baby girl, you'll never suffer again. <3

Shandy, the Dog of the Day
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Shandy, the Dog of the Day
Shandy, the Dog of the Day
Shandy, the Dog of the Day
Shandy, the Dog of the Day
Shandy, the Dog of the Day

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