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Beau Beau, the Dog of the Day
Name: Beau Beau
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male Breed: Yorkshire Terrier
Home: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
   His gentle playful soul has made him the perfect St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog, going into Seniors Homes to brighten their day with Love and Tricks for Treats!

    I researched what type of dog would be best for me and my lifestyle and the Yorkie was the best fit. I then searched for months nearly was scammed on the Internet (I was a newbie) and finally found a breeder three-hour drive from my home. Out of the litter she had, all were sooooo adorable, however this particular pup looked at me and stole my heart. His precious eyes looked at me and I fell in love. Brought him home and laid on my bed staring at each other for hours and cuddling we developed a hard solid bond. Everywhere I went Beau-Beau came with me (even to work) he was never alone, and neither was I. Going through a divorce - he was and still is seven years later my best friend, my buddy. I couldn't imagine a day without him.

    Now as for tricks - well now... That list is long too because we spend so much time playing together. He knows Sit, Stay, Lie-down, Heel, he walks beside me "without" a leash and Plays Hide and Go seek with me or objects. He plays frisbee, does Roll Over, Speak, Give me a Kiss, Shake paw, Beg, he opens non-latched doors, plays Fetch and I'm probably forgetting more. He knows both verbal and hand signals.

    He Loves being groomed, and loves the shower (actually keeps moving himself directly to stay under the hand held shower while I'm bathing him). His favourite food is ice cream - we literally cannot say the word in our house, he becomes sooooo excited. As for his favourite toy, it's his Big Ball (YouTube video below), I have my big exercise ball and he fell in love with it to the point I couldn't get a workout done in peace, so I bought him his own Happy Face ball LOL Check out this video, My Beau-Beau, on YouTube.

    Beau-Beaus personality is happy-Happy-HAPPY all the time, loves playing and being close to all people, even cats and hamsters and our bird that rides on his back. His little cropped tail is forever wagging to the point I wonder - doesn't it get sore? As for ever trying to ignore him ... that's not happening! He'll take the ball chucker and bring it to me, if I just look at him ... He goes off and gets the ball jumps up on the couch beside me and rolls it off bouncing it by my feet and repeats this until I play with him! At night he sleeps beside me and we cuddle until we fall asleep together. I cannot express, other than my children - how much Love and Joy Beau-Beau gives me "DAILY". I'm truly blessed.

Beau Beau, the Dog of the Day
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Beau Beau, the Dog of the Day
Beau Beau, the Dog of the Day
Beau Beau, the Dog of the Day

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