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Jynxx, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jynxx
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Blue heeler, Australian shepherd mix
Home: Texas, USA
   The first thing that makes Jynxx so special to me is that she's my personal dog. She was bought for me, given to me, and she certainly seems to know that. The first day I had her as a six week puppy, she clawed her way into the shower with me so that she could be with me. I had a rough time earlier this year with some physical harassment issues as well as my older dog having major health issues, and my little girl was always there for me. She could tell I was upset and she went out of her way to make me laugh until I couldn't breathe. She would cuddle with me even more than she did when she was a pup, and she was always happy to lick my tears away.

    She's the smartest dog I've ever had or seen, and I don't say that simply because she's mine. I taught her how to sit and shake during the first week I had her, and each trick took only a few minutes. She gives high fives, she'll stand on her hind legs and "put 'em up" with her front paws. She gives me hugs, she can open doors and take lids off containers. Yes, she's stolen the occasional pizza from the counter and jumped on top of a very tall table and eaten everything, but I love her to death and back. There will never be another Jynxx.

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