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Nysa, the Dog of the Day
Name: Nysa
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Podenco mix
Home: Venlo, Limburg, Netherlands
   Nysa is a rescued dog from Spain. I met het during my internship at ACE Charity (Animal Care España). Back then she was nine months when I met her. As a puppy she was dumped in a box with her brothers and sisters. Her brothers and sisters were already adopted when I met her.

    It was destiny that brought us together. And love at first sight, so I decided to adopt her. She was very scared when she got here. She didn't know anything but her cage in the shelter. But now she lets me now how happy she is to be here. She likes going on walks, and running through the backyard. She definitely blossomed.

    She learned a lot from her friend, Pequo, who died a month ago from cancer at the age of nine years. I know she misses him, she just doesn't show it. But she is always busy to cheer us up, showing us how happy she is to be here with us.

    Nysa is a Podenco cross. Podenco's are used for rabbit hunting. But she's friendly to my bunnies, whcih was a relief. I really love Nysa. Her name means "New beginning" in Greek And she really did get her own new beginning with us.

Nysa, the Dog of the Day
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Nysa, the Dog of the Day
Nysa, the Dog of the Day
Nysa, the Dog of the Day

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