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Max, the Dog of the Day
Name: Max
Age: Deceased, Twelve years old
Gender: Male Breed: Beagle
Home: Illinois, USA
   This is in memory of Max (also called Maxie), our beautiful and sweet Beagle boy. The day this is being written (Jan. 6, 2014) would have been Maxie's thirteenth birthday.

    Max came into our lives when he was not quite four years old. His previous family had trained him well. He knew commands like sit, shake, down, bang (he would lay on his side), roll over, and don't touch. Max was very smart. I could snap my fingers and point, and Max would go to wherever I was pointing. I also taught him "give me four". Max loved playing with his cloth covered squeaky toys. He also loved riding in the car; he knew the difference between going for a ride, and a "road trip". He actually enjoyed the routine visits at his local vet's office, and he enjoyed going to the pet store. And of course, being a Beagle, he loved to sniff things and he loved to eat food and treats!

    Max was a very large Beagle. And he had a very loud bay! He would always bark when he saw other dogs and would go ballistic when he saw a cat. Max eventually spent time with his "cousins": two dogs, Toby and Bella, and a cat, Oliver. Max got along fine with Toby and Bella, and after getting acquainted, he and Oliver got along just fine, too. In fact the two would nap together.

    In the eight plus years we had Max he gave us so much love and joy. Our time with him was not without heartache, though. When he was seven and a half he was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor which was behind his right eye, in his sinuses and in his nose. The tumor was so large it was pushing out his right eye. He underwent radiation treatment to shrink the tumor and was given six months to a year to live. After a year had passed, Max became known as the "miracle dog". The tumor had not regrown. Max was now a candidate for surgery to remove the tumor, something that was not possible when he was first diagnosed due to the size of the tumor. The tumor was removed along with his right eye, which was blind due to the radiation. Following the surgery Max's prognosis was excellent; he was expected to live to be an old dog.

    Unfortunately, Max was again diagnosed with cancer when he was not quite twelve. This time the cancer was in his liver. In the hopes of giving Max a couple more years of life, he underwent surgery on February 20, 2013, to remove the tumor. There were no miracles this time. Max died immediately following the surgery. Our hearts were broken that day at the loss of our special boy.

    The pictures provided are from before Max was first diagnosed with cancer.

    Maxie, we love and miss you so much! We'll never forget you! Thanks for being part of our lives and for loving us so!

Max, the Dog of the Day
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Max, the Dog of the Day
Max, the Dog of the Day
Max, the Dog of the Day

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