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Miracle the Miniature Pinscher/Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Miracle
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male Breed: Miniature Pinscher/Yorkshire Terrier
Home: Winslow, Maine
   Miracle came to us from a litter of three. A bigger dog in the home he was born in attacked the litter and he was the only survivor. Thus the name Miracle. As you'll notice he is missing half an ear due to the attack. He is very smart and funny. He's lived a rough life in a short time. At around four and a half months he broke his leg and was on restricted movement for 6 weeks. Through it all though he's been very good natured. He is mama's little cutie pie. I feel blessed every day to be his mom.

     Miracle is my first small dog. I got him from my son's girlfriend's sister. I wanted another dog that would be mine and I wanted a tiny one. My husband and I have a Beagle named Bella, but she is more attached to my husband.

     Miracle has brought joy into our home. He loves to be around people and loves giving kisses. Miracle doesn't like to cuddle as much as I'd like except at sleepy time.

     He loves chasing the cats and two out of our five don't seem to mind his playful antics. He is 7months old and learns quickly. I've never really taught him to sit or shake, but he does both on cue. He loves to steel my socks off the couch when I'm folding clothes and then run around while I try and get them from him. Also if I drop my clothes on the floor while changing he starts to drag them across the floor as if to say, "Mom, those don't belong there."

     He loves to go for rides as long as he can see out, so someone has to hold him up as we drive along. I've taken him into stores nd he loves the attention from people, but if he sees another dog he's barking up a storm. Even if they're much bigger than him he acts as though he's the boss and owns the place. Despite his early in life run in with a bigger dog he shows no fear when he sees one.

     All in all miracle has become a very big part of our family and it is as though he's always been here. We love him tremendously as we know he does us.

Miracle the Miniature Pinscher/Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day Miracle the Miniature Pinscher/Yorkshire Terrier, the Dog of the Day

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