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Lucy the Czech Spotted Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lucy
Age: Eleven and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Czech Spotted Dog
Home: Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
   In 2007, my mom wanted to get a dog, a pet which we had never owned. My mom's friend, who fostered rescued greyhounds and potential guide dog labs, sent her an ad via the organization Homeward Trails. The organization claimed that Lucy was a "Bohemian/Czech Spotted Dog" from the Czech Republic.

     This is a real breed, which (sadly) was created for laboratory experiments, then became a lovely family dog breed in the 1990s (See this history of the breed. ) She is at least an honorary one. I've met lots of actual CSP owners on Facebook.

     Lucy is wonderful!! She is one of the quietest dogs I've ever met. She barks for her food, she barks fiercely at the postman, and is quiet the rest of the day. She is a good watchdog, but once guests let her sniff them, she treats them as part of the family. She has been very healthy, aside from a heartworm scare in 2008 and a UTI this past fall.

     She has idiosyncratic food choices-aside from bully sticks and kibble, she gets lots of fruits and veggies. She goes nuts for bananas, as you can see here on her 11th birthday video. She quite likes cranberries and tomatoes and she does not care much for lettuce or celery.

     Lucy is very good with other dogs and animals for the most part. She's cool with cats. She suspects people who look like postmen (in hats carrying packages).

     The last picture is Lucy with her best friend, Wizard the Husky mix (who just passed away at about 17. Here they are playing last year.

     In all, Lucy is the best dog one could ever ask for, and I hope for many more happy years together. We just came back from a nice walk!

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