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Katara the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day
Name: Katara
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Siberian Husky
Home: Lenhovda, Sweden
   She's very energetic and loves food. She sings serenades to the food and makes a cute little dance before she eats. She also loves mushing, she's a perfect working dog!

     She's my first purebred husky, before her I had a doberman/husky mix. I actually got her shortly after the death of my dobermann mix, I didn't intend on buying another dog so soon, I just wanted to get to know the breed better so I met with the breeder and he told me lots of things and showed me the two pups from his latest litter. We kept in touch and one month after I visited them he called me and told me that the white male of the litter got sold two weeks earlier. He also told me that he was going to be hospitalized for some time and if no one could take the female pup he had to put her down. So I talked to the authorities of my school and asked them if I was allowed to have two dogs there again, but they said no - the rules is one dog per student. So I went to get the husky pup anyway and the school had to accept it, I couldn't let her be put down.

     She was five months old when she came to me, she was scared of everything and crawled with her tail far between her legs. She screamed hysterically and was so poorly socialized because of the breeder being sick. My teacher told me that she wouldn't become a good dog, that she always would be scared of things. I ignored that teacher and started training the husky. Two years later I returned to the school for a dogshow they have every year. Katara had become an amazing dog, she can handle every situation calmly. My teacher on the other hand, had a toy poodle the same age as Katara and anyone could see that he needed so much more training, he was all over the place and didn't listen to her at all! It was pretty funny when she saw what an outstanding husky Katara had become, while she had trained her poodle poorly.

     We're working hard, she's an active dog that enjoys lots of things. We're doing mushing (both dry land and snow), hiking, some obedience, some agility, dobo and k9 freestyle. She also gets to swim in the summer, but she's not too fond of that, haha! Her favorite toy is a ball with a rope attached to it and it's the best day ever when we're outside throwing it around. Her favorite food is everything, but of course she can't have everything. When she was small she ate more than twice as much chocolate as it needs to get poisoning. I thought she was gonna die, but she looked happy and vomited slimy chocolate all night and then everything was fine.

     Her favorite trick to do is spin around or give paw. She also "howls" when I ask her "what does the wolf say?". Well, it's not really a howl, more like a "woawoawoa." She's a very simple and funny dog, she's very affectionate and sleeps in my bed. If you're sitting and thinking about deep stuff she can suddenly show up to plant a kiss on your face. I love her!

Katara the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day Katara the Siberian Husky, the Dog of the Day

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