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Lilli the Jack Russell Terrier, the Dog of the Day
Name: Lilli
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Home: Germany
   I grew up with Lilli and first saw her when I was 7. She was always cute and to be honest got a lot attention, which I didn't like as an only child. She was suddenly my competition! So when my parents were away, I did bad things to her like dress her up, put her in outfits and clothes, or something. But now I know the things I did were bad. She did not like that one bit. I never really hurt her, but she certainly did not enjoy those times. So she generally kept her distance from me.

     This all changed one day when my parents were away again and I was 12, she came to me and cuddled with me. She usually never did that and I assumed it was because my Grandma died, and she knew I was sad. Since then we grew closer and by now I can't imagine a single day without her. I am more than happy she forgave me for what I did as a child, and that she no longer fears me but instead loves me as much as I love her. Lilli is the best!

     She is a really important part of my family and I love her dearly. She loves to run and sometimes is a little crazy (she sometimes licks mirrors or barks at her reflection) and when you throw her a ball, she brings it back in most of the time under 10 seconds! She just loves attention and when she is pet, the world is amazing for her but only dare to ignore her pleading eyes and you have a wet foot/hand/face.

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