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Scooby the Coton de Tulear, the Dog of the Day
Name: Scooby
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male Breed: Coton de Tulear
Home: Elkhorn, Wisconsin, USA
   Scooby is the perfect dog who loves playing outside, catching bubbles, playing with his favorite toys, dancing on his hind legs and doing tricks. He is a fast learner and seldom barks. He is a certified therapy dog and goes to work everyday and loves to dress up in clothing including hats and sun glasses. Scooby loves people of all ages and brings a smile to everyone who meets him. Plus he is a handsome dog who loves being pampered.

     Scooby lives in Elkhorn, Wisconsin and goes to work every day at my husband's Pack N Ship Store and greets all the customers who come in. They all know Scooby by name (even the Fedex people bring him treats). As for him being a therapy dog, the way this came about is unique! An older couple (85-year-olds) came into the Pack N Ship Store to ship a package as we were preparing the shipment which took 30 minutes, and I noticed Scooby was gone! When I noticed him missing, the elderly lady with the walker said "Oh my husband loves walking dogs and they went for a walk outside." I didn' t mind and actually thought it was cute for the both of them to scroll around the industrial park. Almost every day after that with or without a package to ship they come into the store to take Scooby for a walk (the wife had just had hip surgery). They take Scooby for a walk, they all seem to enjoy it and I enjoy the friendship too.

     Because of that, I took Scooby to classes to become a certified therapy dog and am in the process of getting him to go to our local hospital to share his love for people. He is very well known around our little town as he is always wearing some type of cute hat, shirt, glasses or costume. We love him very much.

Scooby the Coton de Tulear, the Dog of the Day Scooby the Coton de Tulear, the Dog of the Day Scooby the Coton de Tulear, the Dog of the Day Scooby the Coton de Tulear, the Dog of the Day

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