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Jules the Galgo, the Dog of the Day
Name: Jules
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male Breed: Galgo
Home: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
   Let me introduce Jules, a handsome young Galgo, sometimes referred to as a Spanish Greyhound. He was born in Spain and his fate would have been to be trained by a galguero (hunter) to hunt hare. For some reason the galguero changed his mind and handed the puppy over to some people who handed him over to 112 Carlota Galgos, a Galgo rescue organization in Spain. Jules was incredibly lucky to come into rescue at such a young age, as an innocent puppy. A lot of Galgos are abused by the galgueros, and only the lucky ones end up being rescued.

      Jules is one of those lucky Galgos. After living in the 112 Carlota finca for a few months he was chosen by Carlota Galgos Rescue Canada to come to Canada for adoption. It was on their website that we saw him, inquired about his personality for possibly becoming a pet therapy dog once he matured. So Jules traveled from Spain to Montreal, and eventually to us here. He has been getting used to living in a house and a family situation. He's learned a lot in the months he's been with us but still has a LOT left to learn as well. He is very smart and is a quick learner.

     Jules is a happy-go-lucky young pup and loves to play with his toys and his four legged siblings. Soon after he arrived here it snowed and we had the pleasure of seeing him discover it. He loved it. He also likes to sleep on the couch and on top of his doggy siblings if he can get away with it. They do let him know when he is pushing things a bit too far and he is learning to respect that. On cold days he likes to look out the living room window and watch the world go by. As spring nears and the days get warmer Jules will get to be outside more and his pet therapy dog training will intensify and eventually he hopes to join his doggy sibling Baltasar in visiting children who are ill.

     Currently when Jules meets people he tries to spread the word about Galgos, how he is one of the lucky ones and that there are many, many, more in Spain that would like to be adopted into a loving family rather than be forced to hunt, and be abused and discarded like trash once they are no longer of use to the galgueros. On February 1st he joined many concerned people and observe World Galgo Day which marks the end of the hunting season in Spain. This is when large numbers, with some estimates being more than 100,000 Galgos are discarded by the galgueros. Jules hopes that they will find a loving home, like he has.

     Some of the puppy photos were taken at the finca and are used with permission.

Jules the Galgo, the Dog of the Day Jules the Galgo, the Dog of the Day Jules the Galgo, the Dog of the Day Jules the Galgo, the Dog of the Day

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