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Cali the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Cali
Age: One year old
Gender: Female Breed: Dog
Home: Washington, DC, USA
   March 1 was our Cali's first birthday! Cali is a very playful mix breed who is now a year old! She loves to give kisses. Cali gets lots of love in our Washington D.C. household with us three sisters (10, 8 and 8) and mom and dad. Cali is from South Carolina and she might be from a kill shelter. We got her from the organization Lucky Dog where they rescue pups and put them up for adoption. Cali is unique because, even though she is a puppy, she has lots of gray hairs. Cali loves to give affection. At night she will come to one of our beds and snuggle with us. Sometimes when you are rubbing her belly and you stop she will paw you for more.

     Something else unique about Cali is that she has strong legs so she can jump fences. There are two reason she will jump fences: (1) she is very playful and wants to play with us if we are playing outside the fence, and (2) she wants to play with another dog. Her favorite toy is a reindeer. She loves to chew her toy reindeer, Blitzen.

     The way we got our beloved dog is actually quite funny. We three sisters had been begging for a dog for more than three years. Last summer our parents took us to an adoption event even though they insisted that we were not going to get a dog. As we walked around we noticed a small black puppy with gray hairs in a corner. We played with her for a little while and we each got to hold her. All too soon it was time to go to our soccer practices. On the way to the practices we were crying because we were looking forward to getting that puppy. After the practices, around 6:00pm, we were playing on our mom's phone when she got an email saying that we could get the little black puppy! Soon enough our family was in the car to get the new member of our family.

     Our puppy's foster name was Brooklyn but we changed her name to Cali. How she got her name: we gave Cali her name because we lived in California for two years and we wanted to give our dog a name that connected her to the state where we had a lot of fun. We suggested lots of names, for example, ocean, beach, and many other names. Our dad said we should name her Yoda because our dad really likes Star Wars. Soon we finally came to an end and decided on the name Cali! Now we cannot imagine our family without our beloved Cali.

Cali the Dog, the Dog of the Day Cali the Dog, the Dog of the Day Cali the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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