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Brody the Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Brody
Age: Two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Labrador mix
Home: Plant City, Florida, USA
   Brody is a rescue dog who we believe was very traumatized by people and mostly water when he was young. He's terrified to walk too close to the backyard pool because he is very afraid of it. The other day for the first time after a long year of trying, he finally swam in a lake and was SUPER excited and proud of himself. We are very proud of him for facing his fears and overcoming what must of been a hard time in his life once. We want to make him feel even more special by nominating him for Dog of the Day!

     We have had him since September of 2015. When we got him he was very malnourished and skittsh, but was extremely excited to be going to a home with a family. We decided to get Brody only one month after we sadly had to put down our loving wonderful 15 year old Dalmatian Smokey who was also a rescue (we actually rescued her the day she was going to be put down at a kill shelter in Tennessee) We were extremely heart broken which resulted to them going to another shelter to look at dogs and we came home with Brody!

     He has a huge personality and is very social now. At first he had a bit of aggression, but now he absolutely loves people and cuddles all night. We live on a corner and one of Brody's favorite activities is chasing lizards around the yard. My daugheter-in-law was visiting a month ago and took Brody for a walk and a few people stopped her to see him and called him the neighborhood lizard hunter because they always see him chasing away so that's definitely his favorite activity! He also went from being very independent to following everyone around the house, greeting everyone with kisses, and tons of couch snuggles. He's a great boy!

Brody the Labrador mix, the Dog of the Day

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