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Chopper the Chihuahua cross, the Dog of the Day
Name: Chopper
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female Breed: Chihuahua cross
Home: New South Wales, Australia
   Here is Chopper! She's very special as she had terrible burns to half her body from a house fire. She went through months of pain and depression but has recovered really well!

     Chopper is one of my three Chihuahua crosses. She's the nicest and quietest of them. She's very loyal and is always looking for a lap. Because of the fire she was unfortunate to be a part of, she has lost the top layer of skin from her back and head. She will never grow hair again and is in need of moisturizer a lot of the time which is really fine by her because its all attention. She has a bigger wardrobe than I do, to keep the cold and sun off her. She's no softie though, she loves chasing kangaroos no matter how big they are! She's a quick mover and doesn't usually like to pose for photos. All my fur babies are camera shy.

     I came to have her live with me after the housefire. My friend owns her, but when his house burned to the ground it was very traumatic for him, he also lost another small dog to the flames in the same fire, and it was was too much. So I took Chopper on and nursed her back to health. It took four to five months of her sitting on my lap on a towel covered in cream. The burns were so severe and you could feel how sad she was. It was just awful. But she finally recovered really well! She's a really happy, loving, friendly little chihuahua cross. She loves walks car rides and cuddles.

     Now she is so happy living with me and going for drives to the farm with her previous owner. That's where the Kangas are. We all love Chopper.

Chopper the Chihuahua cross, the Dog of the Day Chopper the Chihuahua cross, the Dog of the Day Chopper the Chihuahua cross, the Dog of the Day

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