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Abby the Pitbull Mix, the Dog of the Day
Name: Abby
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female Breed: Pitbull Mix
Home: Abington, Pennsylvania, USA
   Abby is special because her tail is always wagging. She's the happiest girl in the universe. She just loves people, other dogs (especially small ones), and taking naps in the sunshine. We've had her for four yeara and can't imagine our family without her any more.

     Abby is super affectionate. I work from home and she never lets me leave her sight. If I go upstairs or downstairs, so does she ... right on my heels. Abby is a little bit of a diva so chasing a ball doesn't appeal to her, but she loves to chase squirrels and birds - I'm sure she's hoping to one day sprout wings so she can fly and finally catch them. She loves treats of all kinds, but especially those that involve peanut butter or banana.

     Since adopting Abby, we feel so strongly that breed specific legislation is wrong. I hope there comes a day when she can be judged by the content of her character and not by her breed.
Abby the Pitbull Mix, the Dog of the Day Abby the Pitbull Mix, the Dog of the Day

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