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Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day
Name: Bullet
Age: Deceased, two years old
Gender: Male Breed: Dog
Home: Georgia, USA
   I want to honor Bullet because I owe him that, and more than that, he deserves it. Bullet was a blessing.

     Two weeks ago I let Bullet out to go to the bathroom. He took two steps outside, saw a squirrel and took off running. I couldn't stop him from chasing that squirrel, my screaming couldn't stop him, and now I have to tell you Bullet is gone. He was hit by a car and died instantly. The driver stopped and quickly offered aid but nothing could be done, Bullet was gone. We don't blame the driver, it was not their fault, we feel it was our job to protect him and I let him down. The guilt I feel, the pain Jim and I both feel is overwhelming. We have lost animals to old age sickness/cancer/quality of life, but never to a accident. Never so young.

     Bullet was only two. This upcoming Saturday the 16th was to be his third birthday. He had been through so much in his young life, meaning we were his fourth adopted family. He was first named Napoleon, then Caesar, then Yoda, and finally Bullet. We named him Bullet because of how fast he was. He was a twelve-and-a-half-pound short haired mix. He was a challenge from day one but it was also apparent from day one that he just wanted to be loved. Bullet came to us at a time we needed him and he needed us, it wasn't a perfect match but no matter we loved him and he had finally found his forever home. At least that's the way it was supposed to be.

     My husband and I have always had big dogs, Bullet was our first small dog. Wow, are small and big dogs wired different, think different, act different. Bullet often confused us, was unpredictable, crazy, and frustrating but in that same sentence he was kind, fun, sweet, happy and so loving. He never favored one person over another, he always showed us equal time and love. But there was one that Bullet would ignore all of us for, it was his canine buddy Jinx (Jinx belongs to my sister Teale and her husband Joey). Lord, how Bullet loved and adored Jinx, no doubt he was his biggest crazed fan. Jinx showed endless patience and love each and every time they were together. They were perfect playmates.

     There were times when Bullet was scared of his own shadow and there were times Bullet just rolled with it, like when we recently got a kitten named Sammy, within the first day of meeting each other. they played together and you could often find them sleeping in the same bed.

     Bullet wasn't with us long, but he left big paw prints on our hearts. He was part of our family, he will be missed beyond words.

Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day Bullet the Dog, the Dog of the Day

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