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Skipper the Schipperke, the Dog of the Day
Name: Skipper
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Male Breed: Schipperke
Home: Wellington, New Zealand
   Skipper is eight years old and is a Schipperke (pronounced Skipper-key - a Dutch breed originally). He lives in Wellington New Zealand and was born in Wairarapa. Skipper is very special to me and my family as he is our first ever dog. He is extremely intelligent and will find ways to get away with doing naughty things, whether it be stealing cheese (as that is his favourite) or rolling around in cat poo! Every time we open the fridge and and open the cheese compartment, Skipper will literary sprint as fast as he can to the fridge in hope of a tasty snack. I swear he breaks the speed of sound when he does this!

     Skipper is quite big for a Schipperke but only by a few centimetres. Although Skipper is eight, he is very energetic and the vet says he is almost like a five-year-old dog in terms of his health and energy. Skipper is an extremely loyal dog and will choose family over anything. He will do almost anything to protect us. We love Skipper, and I treat him as a brother.

Skipper the Schipperke, the Dog of the Day Skipper the Schipperke, the Dog of the Day

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